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The Commission for Discipline Inspection held a special meeting on discipline inspection and supervision of cadres' education and rectification

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On the afternoon of May 8, the Discipline Inspection Commission held a special meeting on the education and rectification of the discipline inspection cadre team in the conference room on the second floor. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Zhisheng, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, the director of the discipline inspection Office and the staff of the discipline inspection Office attended, and the relevant members of the group supervision and inspection team attended。

会议集中传达了党的二十大报告和李希同志在二十届中央纪委二次全会上的工作报告,重点学习《beat365中文官方网站》《beat365亚洲官方网站》。At the meeting, three full-time discipline inspection cadres of the company exchanged and spoke on the learning experience of recent education rectification。

Conference notesYoung cadres should always be strict with themselves,一要Strengthen theoretical study and raise awareness of clean work。Grasp the key points of study, grasp the spiritual essence, and constantly purify the mind and improve the quality。二要Strengthen the sense of discipline and improve the ability to resist change。Establish a correct view of power, build a solid ideological defense line, and keep the political character of Communist Party members clean and honest forever。三要Change the work style, improve the level of responsibility。With the exemplary role of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres, we will promote the in-depth development of rectification activities, and promote the high-quality development of discipline inspection work by transforming the style of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres。

Meeting requirementIt is an important task of the current discipline inspection and supervision system to carry out the rectification of education。一要Adhere to the study of the original, read the original, understand the principle, and always unify the thought and action into the work deployment of the Party Central Committee, the provincial Party committee, and the group discipline Commission;二要Persevere in learning and education, achieve learning, and constantly improve the professional ability of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres"Guardians of state assets";三要We will formulate study plans, adopt a combination of collective learning and independent learning, and carefully organize and orderly promote the rectification of education。(Writer: Ma Ruixia)

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