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Remembering revolutionary martyrs and inheriting red genes - The first branch of Hefei New West Railway Station area 10, 12 plot resettlement site project United Party branch theme Party Day activities

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9月26日下午,在第10个烈士纪念日来临之际,为深入贯彻习近平总书记关于英烈褒扬工作重要指示精神Hefei New West Railway Station area10, 12 plot resettlement site project united Party branch and the first branch officeAll party membersThe memorial hall of the Crossing River Campaign was launched"Remembering revolutionary martyrs and inheriting red genes"As the theme of the Party Day activities, review the red history, commemorate the revolutionary martyrs, and pursue the footprints of struggle。

在渡江战役纪念馆前的解放广场,党员们瞻仰了邓小平、刘伯承、陈毅、粟裕、谭震林五位总前委成员巨型塑像。The tall group sculptures vividly show the heroic talent and grand bearing of the five general front committees who worked out strategies to win a victory thousands of miles away and commanded millions of mighty armies to cross the Yangtze River rift。Through the thick history, everyone in the soul was strongly shocked and greatly inspired at the same time, inspired them to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is a vivid and profound patriotism and revolutionary tradition education。

The theme Party Day activities allowed party members and cadres to review the revolutionary history of the river Crossing campaign and understand the revolutionary martyrsThe spirit of "carrying the revolution to the end"。Everyone has said that to firm ideals and beliefs, keep in mind the original mission, based on their own work, with a full state of mind and pragmatic work style,We will promote the transformation and high-quality development of construction engineering and construction。(Writer: Yu Haixia)

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