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Leadership speech

Sincerely thank friends from all walks of life and leaders at all levels for the attention, concern and support of Anhui Construction First Construction Group Co., LTD. Welcome to visit our company website!

Anhui construction first construction Group Co., LTDAfter more than 50 years of growth and accumulation, we have provided comprehensive and high-quality engineering services for domestic and foreign customers, created one miracle after another, and set up one monument after another。

Learning from the past, the scale is expanding day by day, the responsibility is increasing day by day, we must pay attention to the construction of advanced corporate culture, focus on the implementation of the development strategy of tree brand, plastic talent, strong service, and promote transformation and upgrading。

Reform leads development and innovation leads the future。Standing at a new starting point, we will take reform as the driving force, innovation as the soul, quality as the core, always keep in mind the "unity, hard work, truth-seeking, innovation" spirit of enterprise, all-round, the whole process to create value for customers, provide services。

All rivers run into sea。We sincerely hope to work together with friends from all walks of life, win-win cooperation, create a better tomorrow!

Thank you again for comingAnhui construction first construction Group Co., LTD网站!

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