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Company leaders to new West Railway Station area resettlement project research

Release time: 2023-06-21 15:36:49 Source: First Branch Page views: 2475

On the afternoon of June 19, Ye Heyong, deputy general manager of the company, and Fei Qinbo went to the first minuteCompany Hefei City new west station area12. Carry Out research on the general contracting project of land parcel resettlement project。

Ye Heyong and Fei Qinbo carefully listened to the project department's work report on production schedule, quality and safety management, cost and material control, and held a symposium。

Research points out,First, conscientiously implement the project management requirements at the group and company levels,Increase revenue and reduce expenditure,Reduce costs and increase efficiency,Promoting efficient operation of production factors;The second is to seize the construction progress,Go all out to overcome difficulties,Complete the construction node target on time;Third, strengthen fund management and speed up the return of funds,Take multiple measures to prevent and resolve project financial risks;Fourth, firmly establish a security first red line awareness,We will strictly implement the safety management responsibility system,Ensure the implementation of safety measures;The fifth is to strictly ensure the quality of the project,Ensure that the project will be built into a high-quality project that the owner is satisfied with and the government is assured。

Company engineering management department, cost contract department, the first branch responsible comrades attended the meeting。(Writer: Ji Xiaowen)

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