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Construction Party committee to carry out thematic education thematic democratic life will focus on learning before the meeting

Release time: 2023-08-25 16:03:59 Source: Party Committee Work Department Number of page views: 1890

On the morning of August 25, the Party Committee of the first construction project carried out thematic education and focused on learning before the democratic life meeting。Sun Renfa, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, general manager and director, presided over the meeting, and members of the Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center participated in the meeting。

会上,集中学习了习近平总书记关于党的建设的重要思想,It is an important discussion about casting soul by learning, increasing wisdom by learning, promoting dry by learning, and establishing and practicing the correct view of achievements,Important speeches and important instructions on the spirit of serious political life within the Party, as well as the Party Constitution and rules,Further unify thoughts and deepen understanding,Lay a solid ideological foundation for the thematic democratic life。

The meeting stressed that one must持续推动学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想走深走实,按照上级党委部署要求,抓实理论学习,夯实思想基础。二要To learn to promote work, adhere to learning, thinking and application, knowledge, faith and practice unity, the effectiveness of theoretical learning into improving skills, do their own work, and promote the company's comprehensive deepening of the reform of the vivid practice。三要Focus on the theme of the conference, carry out heart-to-heart talks, in-depth analysis of problems, grasp the real problems and rectification, and open a high-quality thematic democratic life and organizational life。(Writer: Wang Rui)

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