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Happy birthday full Mid-Autumn Festival (7) | The first branch to carry out "double" condolence activities

Release time: 2023-10-03 22:18:13 Source: First Branch Page views: 1295

        On the morning of October 3, the trade union of the first branch went to the relocation project department of Hefei New West Railway Station and kindly visited the frontline employees who stuck to their posts during the "double Festival"。
        At the project construction site,Li Yan, chairman of the trade union of a branch company, communicated with the project management personnel on the project progress, quality and safety assurance measures,Season's greetings and best wishes to them,And send elaborate gifts of condolence,Fully affirmed their good quality and high spirit in sticking to their posts。
        Li Yan asked in his speech that one is to keep an eye on the target wall chart to ensure high quality completion of the project construction task。It is necessary to compare the task "progress map", the specific "construction drawing" and the personnel "responsibility map", rationally organize the scientific and orderly promotion of construction and production, and ensure the successful completion of the contract performance。Second, production safety is more important than Mount Tai, always tighten the string of safety。Project management personnel should be "always at ease" the sense of responsibility, due diligence to ensure safety and stability, always tighten the "safety production no small matter" this string, firmly establish the concept of safety production, strengthen the red line awareness and bottom line thinking, resolutely overcome paralysis and fluke mentality, and strictly implement the safety production responsibility system。The third is to strengthen the training of young employees and help the construction of talent teams。According to the actual work and needs, carry out a variety of internal training, adhere to the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, professional training and comprehensive training, closely linked to each process of construction and production, to provide strong talent support for project construction and production, and provide talent reserve force for high-quality transformation and development of enterprises。

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