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Anhui First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. on the middle management of the qualification examination publicity

Release time: 2023-04-19 11:26:31 Source: Anhui Yijian Number of page views: 7656

According to the Announcement of Anhui First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. on the Recruitment of Middle Management Personnel, the application for the recruitment of middle management personnel of Anhui First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has ended。The list of those who have passed the qualification examination is now publicized as follows (sorted by surname strokes) :

Wang Jie (Project Manager of Phoenix International City, the Third Branch)

Sun Zhong (Executive Manager of Huadi Jade Park Project of the Second Second Company)

Li Tao (the third branch of Mingguang City blue white-collar apartment project commander)

Wu Kang (Head of General Office, Qinghai Branch)

Zhu Steel Co., LTD. (Executive Manager of Shuxiang Garden Phase II of Peixian Anjian Seoul Yuanzhu Project, the third Branch)

Yan Haotian (Vice Minister of Audit Department)

The publicity period is from April 20, 2023 to April 25, 2023. If you have any objection during the publicity period, please report it to the Party Committee Work Department and Discipline Inspection Office in writing or by telephone. Contact person: Wang Rui, He Ting, contact number: 0551-65127810, 65135367。

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