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All units of the first construction project carry out the "Quality Month" activity

Release time: 2023-09-19 15:45:24 Source: Technical Quality Department Page views: 2374

In the month of September,With the national regulationThe arrival of 46 "quality months",为深入学习习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,We will fully implement the guiding principles of the Party's 20th National Congress,Implementation of the "Quality strong country construction Outline" and "Anhui Province Quality Strong Province construction Outline" deployment,All units of the company adhere to the quality values of survival by quality, development by quality, and benefit by quality,Around "enhance quality awareness,Promoting high-quality development "theme,树立"Quality first" consciousness, fully implement the new development concept,Carry out a variety of publicity activities, all-out开展"Quality Month" activity。 

On September 4, the first branch held the launch ceremony of 2023 "Quality Month" and the Quality Month commitment signature activity, and announced and learned the spirit of the Group and the company's "Quality Month" documents at the launch meeting and promised to sign, establishing the awareness of quality first.Vigorously build"Everyone attaches importance to quality" good atmosphere

The second company took the "Quality Month" as an opportunity in the Shushan High-tech EPC project on September 11,Conduct quality problem analysis and discussion meeting,The key problems affecting project quality and enterprise development are discussed,Effectively solve quality problems,Improve project quality management level,Strengthen the quality awareness of project management personnel and actively create high-quality projects。

The third branch in the afternoon of September 15 in the Shushan Economic and Industrial Park (Southern District) project to carry out the 2023 "quality Month" launch ceremony and residential engineering quality common problems prevention and control review meeting。Through this activity, the awareness of quality control of all staff of the branch has been improved and the level of project quality control has been enhanced。

The municipal branch held the launch ceremony of the quality Month activity on September 12, to clarify the spirit and theme of the quality month activity, and to sign the quality Month activity。Through the implementation of the "Quality Month" activities, the quality management level is further improved
Anqing Branch held the launch ceremony of "Quality Month" in EOD Project Headquarters on September 11, and carried out quality benchmarking experience exchange activities。

Fuyang Branch held the launch ceremony of the "Quality Month" activity in Yuehutai Project on September 13, and the launch meeting carried out exchanges and discussions around the theme of "Enhancing quality awareness and promoting high-quality development"。(Writer: Shi Yue)

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