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Construction engineering held a "Quality Month" on-site observation and exchange meeting

Release time: 2023-09-28 17:50:57 Source: Technical Quality Department Number of page views: 1892

 On the afternoon of September 28, the 2023 "Quality Month" on-site observation and exchange meeting was held in the resettlement project of Plot 10 and 12 in the New West Railway Station area of Hefei City。Company party committee member, deputy general manager Fei QinBo, Deputy General manager, Chief engineer Sheng JunAttend a meeting。

 Under the leadership of the project technical leader, the participants looked at the actual situation of site management, civilized construction, safety protection, quality samples, etc., and understood the construction situation of prefabricated buildings, fine, standardized and innovative management results。In the mass concentration exhibition area and the second floor of Building 2,Participants focused on the prefabricated building construction process, construction difficulties, technical points and precautions,And the project quality management system, prefabricated component installation, aluminum mold secondary structure optimization, attached scaffold erection technology, all concrete exterior wall construction technology, structural column and lintel integration construction are discussed。All the way, all the way to see, all the way to listen, through intuitive, comprehensive and in-depth observation, for all participants to understand the prefabricated building, rich quality management experience to provide a good loan鉴。


 Sheng Jun pointed out that,September this year is the 46th national "Quality Month",It is also the first quality month after the Party's 20th National Congress,We must fully implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress,Implementation of the "Quality strong country construction Outline" and "Anhui Province Quality Strong Province construction Outline" deployment,Take "Quality Month" as an opportunity,Guide the majority of employees to firmly establish quality first consciousness,We will effectively raise the level of standardized management,Strictly implement project quality responsibility。

 In the next step, the company will continue to strengthen the quality management of each project, effectively improve the overall level of project quality, promote the engineering quality management work to go deep and solid, and create more quality and safety standardization demonstration projects with practical actions。

 The company's process management department, technical quality department, branch and project department production, technical quality management personnel a total of 52 people participated。

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