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Sun Renfa, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, general manager and director of the company, went to the first line of the project during the National Day inspection

Release time: 2023-10-06 10:25:09 Source: First Branch Number of page views: 3850

105During the National Day shiftDeputy Party Secretary and General manager of the company、董事Son In-fa一行First branchHefei New West Railway Station area1012The site project is on holidayOn-shift inspection

Sun Renfa and his party went deep into the construction site to check the project safety, quality, progress, etc., listened to the project leader's report on the project construction progress, cost control, and project funds, and extended holiday greetings and heartfelt thanks on behalf of the company to the majority of employees who stick to the front line。

For the next step,Sun Renfa requirements: oneBuild a strong safety line of defense, always tighten the safety production thought string。二要Compacting target responsibility and improving project fulfillment rate。三要Strengthen the study and promotion of the group's new repair system, pay attention to project quality, cost, environmental protection and other aspects of work, effectively improve the cost control ability and profitability level, and achieve quality improvement, production expansion and efficiency。

Son Renfa stressed,Hefei New West Station area 10, 12 land resettlement project is a key project of the group, the project department to improve the station position, brave to be a pioneer, strive to set an example, high standard planning, high station coordination, high level of implementation。To shape the enterprise brand with high-quality projects, and make greater contributions to the company's transformation and high-quality development。

Company party committee member, deputy general manager Fei Qinbo, branch related comrades participated。

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