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The Mid-Autumn Festival (6) | the third branch held "happy work and happy life" Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day fun games

Release time: 2023-09-28 18:58:56 Source: Third branch Page views: 1937

In order to strengthen the branch team building, enrich the life of the majority of workers, in the Mid-Autumn Festival· The National Day is coming, on the afternoon of September 28,Three branches of the party work group united举办"Happy work and happy life" Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day fun gamesBranch office20More than one employee participated。

In the Shushan Economic and Industrial Park project Department, tug-of-war competition, water comes naturally, wheels rolling, five people four feet, listen to the order to seize things and other competition projects staged in turn, the competition players are rubbing their hands, eager to try, the scene of refueling, Shouting one after another, lively。

This activity has set up a platform for employees to show their talents, enhance friendship,Temper one's willThe stage also provides workers with a platform for solidarity and cooperation and healthy movement。Through the form of sports games, employees actively participate in the activities, but also let the majority of employees further understand the company"Sunshine one construction" culture and "happy work and happy life" inclusive concept。(Writer: Xiao Tiantian)


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