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Happy Birthday Full Mid-Autumn Festival (8) | The first branch trade union to carry out the "love to help construction workers build love" theme activities

Release time: 2023-10-04 22:30:00 Source: First Branch Page views: 1455

The golden wind is cool, and the cinnamon is fragrantIn order to promote employees' loving family relationship and reflect the family pursuit of co-construction and sharing,On October 3, construction work began on the first part公司The trade union organized the new West Railway Station project department to carry outEmotion helps construction workers The construction work builds the situation”主题Events, Invitations项目Employee's familyProject department and family共度National Day holiday。

Branch unionI would like to express my sincere gratitude to the staff for their dedication and the support of their families,员工Family members send flowers and best wishes,带领他们visited员工Dormitory and work site,The work and life of employees in the project are introduced in detailThe employees' families said that this activity made everyone fully feel the company's care and warmth, and they will continue to support their family work and cheer for them。I hope that my family will strive to forge ahead and create new achievements, and contribute new strength to the transformation and development of construction engineering。

This activity provides a platform for employees and their families to communicate closely, so that everyone can better understand the family values and corporate culture of the company, and fully convey the sunshine concept of caring for employees' families and cultivating team spirit。


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