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Municipal branch held relocation ceremony

Release time: 2023-10-18 16:31:17 Source: Municipal branch Number of page views: 3308

On the morning of October 18, the municipal branch relocation unveiling ceremony was held in Anqing, the company's deputy Party secretary, general manager, director Sun Renfa attended and unveiled。

At the ceremony, Sun Renfa expressed warm congratulations on the relocation of the municipal branch on behalf of the company。He pointed out that the relocation of the municipal branch to Anqing is a major, happy and important event for the company's reform and development, and it is a milestone for the municipal branch to achieve leapfrog high-quality development。For the next step of the municipal branch, he stressed that first, we must strengthen our strength, make full use of existing resources and brand, reputation, technology and other advantages, and expand market share。Second, we should do excellent quality, based on the main business of the municipality, accelerate the transformation and development, and achieve the same frequency resonance of professional and corporate reputation。Third, we must do practical party building, further play the "two roles", and promote the deep integration of party building and business work。

Sun Renfa stressed that the municipal branch should take this relocation as an opportunity to seriously implement the two-level strategic deployment of the group and the company, focus on strengthening communication and exchanges with the competent authorities at all levels in Anqing City and the district, and contribute to the strength of the municipal branch for the company to achieve great development, transformation and high-quality development。

Members of the company's leading team, responsible persons of relevant departments, main responsible persons of affiliated branches and management personnel of municipal branches attended the ceremony。(Writer: Wang Pei)

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